Industrial Process Cooling is generally more sophisticated than a regular cooling system for comfort air conditioning, in overall design and philosophy the industrial cooling process is an essential part of most industrial equipments and differs from a standard air conditioning system. As process chillers require more than just cold water, water chemistry, system loading profile, component material, flow rate and even interlock communication are all integral to the health of the system. - Quadac cooling systems are all engineered for excellence -

What We Do

Quadac offers following products and service for partners from various industries

19" rack-mounted high precision chiller

Provide chilled water to consumers at accuracy of +/-0.1K

Liquid to liquid cooling system

Reliable heat exchange system; available up to 12 independent temperature-controlled zones

Industrial process chiller

Engergy efficient design with high COP; robust and compact in size

Laser chiller

Standalone chiller at high precision of +/-0.1K, ranging from 500 to 5000W

Free / dry coolers

Outdoor coolers with sepcial coating to survive extreme weather conditions

Custom cooling system prototyping

Quadac does customized cooling and heating system for partners in various industries

Waste Heat Recovery

Plant engineering for power station and factories

Free cooling

Leveraging low outdoor ambient air temperatures to assist in economical chilling

Onsite repairing and 2nd hand units

Trouble shooting, diagnostic and changing of spare parts

Start-to-Finish | Cooling System Customization Service

Quadac's Start-to-Finish service offers clients a turnkey solution that relieves the complexities involved in the project cycle of building the best suitable cooling and heating system. Further, Quadac provides solutions and serial manufacutring service of the thermal system backed by years of experience and expertise.