Standalone Laser Chiller | High Precision Chiller

Most laser sources in the industry are sensitive to temperature fluctuation and it is often required to have chilled water supply at high temperature stability. And our Zepto series laser chiller provides high level of temperature stability at accuracy of +/-0.1K. Also, all of the Zepto series chiller come with our in-house designed Temperature Control Unit (TCP), allowing accurate control of circulated water temperature and commincation with the laser console. When chilled facility water is availble, our laser chiller can also be made as water-cooled version in order to remove significant amount of heat generated when a laser system is running.


  • High temperature stability of +/-0.1K
  • Compatabile with de-ionized water as water circuit is designed with non-ferrous material
  • Interlock and remote diagnostics are made availble via SUB-9 port and RS485
  • Custom built according to customer request
  • Custom colour per request
  • standalone high precision laser chiller

    Product Information

    Atto Series | standalone laser chiller

    Atto laser chiller is designed to achieve stable water flow and temperature stability to ensure the operation of laser systems. The chiller can used positioned next to any indsutrial process just within a very small footprint. Water can be easily refilled without special tool. The atto series laser chiller is known for its reliability and stability and is available in different cooling capacities between 3500W and 8800W.

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    Zepto Series | Availble Pump Selection

    Zepto laser chillercan be equipped with rotary vane pumps of different capacities, from 4LPM to 15LPM. You are recommended to get in touch with us for any special coolant being used in your process.

    Pump Model: PD-1 / PD-2 / PD-3 / PD-4


    Pump Model: PDG-1 / PDG-2 / PDG-3 / PDG-4


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