“Quadac aims to bring our clients the best-in-class cooling and heating system. From water-glycol system to DX expansion system, you will find our products across different industries. Our equipment are all designed in Germany and manufactured in Asia. For the last years Quadac’s focus has been on pioneering the techniques and technologies required to design and build ever more energy efficient and sustainable heat transfer solutions all over the world. During this time Quadac has had the opportunity to put its methods and equipment to work with best equipment manufacuturers and institutional partners around the globe - From Design, Prototyping, Pre-qualification to Serial Production-

If you and your team are looking for a cooling and heating system with its design emphasis on the following areas, drop us a message now.

  • Reliability - Dual refrigeration circuit design to ensure 100% up time
  • Energy efficient design - Varible speed-controlled compressor and pump to provide extraordinary COP
  • Precisly engineered system - sophisticatedly designed system to ensure high temperature accuracy of +/-0.1K
  • Customized cooling system design - Our experienced product development team is here to work side-by-side with you for any custom solutions
  • Our brand values

    Quadac brand values are the foundations to our future development

    Our Markets

    Quadac has been working with our partners from various industries.


    Cooling system for MRI, CT, X-Rays, solenoids & helium compressor

    Food & packaging

    Multi-zone temperature control system of aluminium cans decorators & coating system

    Battery industry

    Thermal control system of high-capacity batteries at fast charging rate

    Laser technology

    Cooling and heating system of resonators, optics, YAG and other laser heads

    Plastics industry

    Cooling system of rollers, granulation lines, tools and hydraulics of injection moulding machines

    Printing industry

    Dampening preparation system, ink rollers temperature control system & cooling systems of UV lamps, oil coolers and chilled rollers

    Our Partners

    Quadac is committed to deliver our expertise in thermal system design and will always strike for our customer satisfaction

    Our Quality Management System

    It is inside the DNA of Quadac to maintain our best possible design and manufacturing standard. The company has obtained ISO-9001 since 2017.

    Our Locations

    Quadac has put significant resources to establish and widen our service network in major cities in Asia, including Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Taiwan