Liquid to Liquid Cooling System | Heat Exchange Unit

Our liquid-to-liquid cooling system heat exchanger unit supply water, glycol or DI water to the system circuit (Gradient Amplifier, Gradient Coil and Radio Frequency Amplifier) and Helium compressor on the MRI system.


  • Service friendly
  • Good access to all components
  • Client circuit designed with non-ferrous material
  • Interlock and remote diagnostics are made available via RS232 and fiber optics connection
  • Customized design and built according to customer request
  • Liquid to Liquid Cooling system

    Product Information

    Femto Series | Liquid to Liquid Cooling System

    Liquid to liquid cooling system is designed to separate the process cooling loop where the circulating coolant such as deionsied water or glycol-water mixture are in contact with the internal structure of the client's machinery which is often expensive and mission critical. The femto series liquid to liquid cooling system are available in different number of indpendent temperature-controlled zones.

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    Performance graphs availble upon request

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